Techlink (previously known as Fedelec and ICS) has been the most prominent professional federation for electrotechnical and HVAC operators in the whole of Belgium for years. Techlink now brings around 3,000 companies together: self-employed, SMEs and large enterprises,
active in all areas of installation technology.

The operation is based on a strong national structure, 10 provincial departments, Sector Councils, Sector Committees and an integrated collaboration with the Construction Confederation umbrella organisation (national, regional and local).

Techlink is recognised as a national professional federation by the FPS Economy, SMEs, Self-employed and Energy. Therefore, Techlink also has two mandates within the High Council for the Self-employed and SMEs, more specifically in Commission 4 - "Construction": A spokesperson for the electrical and HVAC installation sector.

Dedicated highly recognized skills/expertise
  • Experts in bridging the product and installation gap, in bridging between the producers and the electrical and HVAC installers
  • Association addressing the needs and requirements of installers for innovative energy technologies in buildings