Intermediate seasons

Spring: The moderate solar heat production covers all the heat demand (if any). No cooling is required, allowing the operation of either the TEGs or the ORC, according to the solar heat temperature (ORC for T > 80 oC).

Autumn: In case that it is not possible to fully cover the heating demand by the direct solar heat gain, the heat pump operates at solar-assisted mode, leaving as the last resort the biomass boiler.

The optimum decision and exact operating mode during each season (e.g. TEGs vs. ORC, heat pump vs. biomass boiler) depend mostly on the available solar irradiation, and energy needs and prices (e.g. gas, electricity or district heating). Therefore, the SolBio-Rev system relies on an advanced control strategy, with several optimisation parameters for maximising the renewable energy share and/or minimising energy costs. Finally, at all moments and seasons, TEGs offer the option to exploit all heat that is not utilised or otherwise wasted, not competing with the ORC, and especially in intermediate seasons, when their production potential is the highest.

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