• Adsorption (thermal) chiller: a component based on the adsorption process that produces cooling, when supplied with heat.

  • Cascade chiller/HP: the above chiller in a cascade configuration with an electrical heat pump for cooling production with very high performance, even at hot ambient conditions.

  • ORC: a component that produces electricity, when supplied with heat (heat-to-power).

  • Reversible HP/ORC: a component that operates at either heat pump mode for producing heating and cooling, or in reverse as an ORC, with a minor equipment addition.

  • Heat pump-based configuration: the full layout of the reversible HP/ORC and cascade chiller, sharing the same heat pump.

  • Thermoelectric generator (TEG): a component that converts heat to electricity without any moving parts.

  • Solar-TEGs: solar thermal collectors with TEGs for producing both heat and electricity.

  • Biomass boiler for CHP: a biomass boiler with EGR for reduced air pollutants and with an internal HEX for high-temperature heat supply to the ORC.