Journal Publications

Mallick, Md Mofasser and Franke, Leonard and Rösch, Andres Georg and Geßwein, Holger and Eggeler, Yolita M. and Lemmer, Uli
ACS Omega
Md Mofasser Mallick, Leonard Franke, Andres Georg Rösch, Sarfraz Ahmad, Holger Geßwein, Yolita M. Eggeler, Magnus Rohde, and Uli Lemmer
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces
Palomba Valeria, Borri Emiliano, Charalampidis Antonios, Frazzica Andrea, Karellas Sotirios and Cabeza Luisa F.
Rösch, Andres Georg and Gall, André and Aslan, Silas and Hecht, Matthias and Franke, Leonard and Mallick, Md. Mofasser and Penth, Lara and Bahro, Daniel and Friderich, Daniel and Lemmer, Uli
npj Flexible Electronics
Valeria Palomba, Emiliano Borri, Antonios Charalampidis, Andrea Frazzica, Luisa F. Cabeza, Sotirios Karellas
Renewable Energy