High-Sensitivity Flexible Thermocouple Sensor Arrays Via Printing and Photonic Curing

Abstract: Despite remarkable advances, high-performance thermoelectric (TE) materials-based thermocouples (TCs) lack mechanical robustness and flexibility. Hence, conventional low Seebeck coefficient metals (Ni, Cu, Fe) wire-junction-based TCs are used for temperature sensor applications. However, not only the sensitivity of the metal-based TC sensor is low, but also it is very difficult to fabricate a pixelated sensor using the conventional approach. In this study, high-performance (SbBi)2(TeSe)3-based printed flexible TE materials are employed to fabricate two types of shape-conformable TC-based temperature sensor arrays with 25 pixels (TSA I and TSA II). Bi0.5Sb1.5Te3-based p-type (p-BST) printed TE film and copper are used to fabricate TSA I, and the p-type film together with the Bi2Te2.7Se0.3-based n-type (n-BT) film is used to fabricate TSA II. A high average sensitivity (Sexp) value of ≈124 µV/°C for TSA I and ≈319 µV/°C for TSA II is attained with high linearity.

Mallick, M.M., Franke, L., Rösch, A.G., Hussein, M., Long, Z., Eggeler, Y.M. and Lemmer, U.
Advanced Functional Materials
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