Researchers’ Night 2019

Event description

SolBio-Rev project was briefly presented during the NTUA participation in the annually organized pan-European science and research fair “Researchers’ Night 2019”. During this evening, several scientific research projects were presented to the wider public. The event was attended by members of the academic community from all over the world, while also including school visits. The event was advertised in the media, attracting a large number of citizens, mainly families with young children, eager to become familiar with the latest achievements in European technology and research.

Athens, Greece
Nature of participation
Banner, short oral presentation of project goals & current status
SolBio-Rev participants
Number of attendees
Feedback & added-value

Based on the experience gained from the participation of the project, it can be claimed that positive feedback was received, since a large number of people were informed about the technical aspects of the SolBio-Rev concept and discussed the possibilities for its exploitation. Namely, the added value from the conference can be concluded to the following:

  • Dissemination of the project across the scientific, the educational, as well as the local community, including young children and adolescents, positively interacting with the next generation of young researchers.
  • Interaction with researchers from other laboratories and institutions, working on other European projects of similar subjects.