European Researchers’ Night 2022 (Βραδιά Ερευνητή Ε.Μ.Π. 2022)

Event description

European Researchers’ Night is a public event organized across Europe aiming at bringing researchers and their work closer to the broad public while raising the interest of young people in science. Research conducted in universities and research centers is showcased in an easy- to-understand and creative way pointing out its impact on our daily lives. Also, this event allows for the communication of researchers from diverse fields broadening their further collaboration.

National Technical University of Athens, Athens-Greece
Nature of participation
SolBio-Rev participants
Number of attendees
Feedback & added-value

The scope of the project has been presented, and solbio-rev innovative ideas were shared with the broader public, field experts, and other researchers setting the ground for possible synergies.
The participants had the opportunity to get in touch with European research and, within the framework of SolBio-Rev, with innovative systems in the energy field.