DBC Europe SA

DBC Europe S.A. was established in 2015 and its mission is to provide premium quality services and contribute in a constructive way to customers’ development efforts. The
personnel of the company possesses extensive experience in the management of projects financed by the European Bank of Investment (EBI), EU (European Union) and World Bank (WB) for nation-wide public organisations in various countries, i.e. Greece, Turkey, Serbia, Kyrgyzstan, Montenegro, Georgia, northern part of Cyprus, providing a complete range of specialised services in :


The dissemination and exploitation will develop a strategy and platform for fostering the proposed RIA on several audiences: designers, installers, customers, technicians, industries, academics, by encouraging their participation as long-term goal of the project. Market analysis and business models will be generated. Contribution to standardisation will be also a critical task of WP8.


Communication of project activities and results to a wide audience is scheduled. The technology roadmap will be developed and communicated, together with the project website, logo and two videos.