Diadikasia Business Consulting S.A

DIADIKASIA Business Consulting S.A. was established in 1995 and its mission is to provide premium quality services and contribute in a constructive way to customers’ development efforts. By providing high standard integrated services to public sector – local authorities organizations and private enterprises, DIADIKASIA became one of the largest Management Consulting firms in Greece, with revenues of €8,5 million (2020) and more than 200 employees, most of whom are holders of a postgraduate diploma (Master of Science, MBA, PhD).

Diadikasia possesses extensive experience in the management of projects financed by the EU (European Union) and World Bank (WB) for nation-wide public organizations at national and regional levels in Greece and abroad, providing a complete range of consulting services specializing in the fields of Education/VET Sector, Health and Social protection, Private Sector Development, Development of Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs)/Competitiveness and Innovation, ICT and Digitalization, Research and Development (R&D) and Energy and Energy Renewables.

The company has an established reputation for its outstanding project management capacity, with in-house staff specifically trained on project management and sound systems in place addressing all areas of project management. Amongst Diadikasia clients are nation-wide public organizations in various countries, such as the European Commission Delegations in Serbia, Cyprus (northern part), Montenegro, Kyrgyzstan Georgia, etc, the World Bank, Ministry of Environment and Energy, Ministry of Digital Governance, Ministry of Education, Ministry of Health and Social Security in Greece, Ministry of Transport in Turkey, etc.